To my colleagues, the faithful teachers

Sometimes as teachers
You put yourself aside
And your dreams just die
We get stuck in a rut
We forgot
We had dreams
What’s life all about
Spend some time with Him
Get on your knees
Revive those dreams
God placed inside of you
Don’t hesitate
Before you know it
It will be too late
As long as you have breath
You need to accelerate
Within you are books to be written
Words to be spoken
Songs to be sung
Paintings to be done
Its not only about the children
Yes they important
But so are you!
It’s your journey too
Far too often
You put yourself aside
Let Him be your guide
It’s not the time to hide
Let your light shine
Join them on this ride
And grow
You will have more impact
In their young lives
If you start living your own
Be alive!


A wedding lasts for 6 to 7 hours
A strong marriage may last 40 years or more depending on God’s grace and favour which is 350000 hours
Rush into marriage and marry the wrong guy because you want to fit in to societies ways and end up broken or…. rather fit into God’s destiny. Lock into His destiny and have peace.
Most young people are fueled by a burning desire to be with someone but what are you wanting to build in your life…broken pieces or something wholesome and whole. Once the fire is gone it’s gone. Why not build something better something strong not based on the flesh but based on better Godly principles.
Do u think you are ready to take care of another human being? Make wise choices young people. It’s your life after all and you only get one chance.


I am at war I am at war
When Paul wrote…The things I should do I do not do… but the things I should not do…I do

I understand the battle with my flesh
When my spirit says yes
But my mind won’t let me go
It’s a war zone
But I sit on my throne
I know it’s worth nothing
One day it will all be gone
No use building earthly kingdoms
When one day
I must face the Maker
Of all things

My soul wants what it can’t have
I’m not that brave
This life’s pace
This stupid race
I need to slow down
Instead I push through with my frown
Holding onto a bronze crown
My heart wants what was once young
Now it’s old, tired and weary
Feeling like life’s just getting dreary

I need you
I need you
To understand what I don’t understand

We are all the same
Trying to gain something
Trying to find peace
Speak to me again
For me…to me
And not for anyone else

The soul lays to waste
Feeling strange
Needing something
Out of reach
Out of reach
Out of time
Out of time
Out of tune
Out of tune
People hurt
People love
People chase
After their own things

Be careful don’t stand on those tracks
They may run you down
People hurt
People love
People complicate
Be careful of your heart
Guard it… It says guard it
because it is the well spring of life

I am at war in my mind
Sometimes I am too kind
I am at war in my mind

I don’t want to be left behind

I am at war in my mind

Please be my guide

It’s the devils playground
We will not always be around

I am at war in my mind
Sometimes there’s a divide

Some day there will be no place to hide

So you better survive

If you want to win the prize

Open your mouth

Rise above it. Whatever it is…rise above it. This mornings message at church, reminded about the woman with the issue of blood and Zacchaeus. They did not remain in their situation they stepped out from the crowd. They made themselves known. Have you stepped out in faith? Trust Him for a miracle whatever the situation is. This morning I had two pictures one with a person who’s mouth was open and praising and the other with mouth closed, sewn up almost. Felt that God was saying the physical mouth is praising but the spiritual mouth is closed because of hurt, pain, rejection, heart break, etc. Let deep call out to deep. God wants you to raise above. Open your mouth and reach out. Step out in faith. Faith without works is dead. He has a plan for you. Believe that!