Never The Same Again

When you heart shrinks

And you sat back and think

Where has all the time gone

The things you fought for

Have become a bore

Dead in your inner core

And the years have just disappeared

When people you believed in

Have disappointed and caved

You must turn to the one

Who has kept you sane

When you look back

You can clearly see His hand

But something has changed in you

You are no longer the same

You take a deep breath

Remembering all the storms you’ve walked through

All that they have taught you

And you know that you will never



Be the same

But you know you will be more than okay

And you know that He was with you

All the way

You sit satisfied

That He holds your hand

Just hold on and don’t let go!


Author: lovablewarriorking

Author of Chasing Joy(Published in 2019). Educator Christian Love Poetry Deep in thought most of the time.

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