Life is evanescent and transient
Life is a spring dream
Short like a vapour
It can be meaningless 
But there is a deeper hope
Something to cling to
Like healing oil
Poured over 
A soul searching
It joins 
That which is divided 
And finds the
One Fumbling 
In the dark
Those alone moments 
When all the why's 
Cannot be answered
'We have this hope an anchor 
To the soul
Firm and secure'
That we can run into...
'..and enter the inner sanctuary...'
So I don't have to carry
All the stuff of life
And when life feels
Evanescent and transient 
I know my soul is secure

Hebrews 6 v 19
We have this hope...an anchor to the soul 

Author: lovablewarriorking

Author of Chasing Joy(Published in 2019). Educator Christian Love Poetry Deep in thought most of the time.

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