Life is evanescent and transient
Life is a spring dream
Short like a vapour
It can be meaningless 
But there is a deeper hope
Something to cling to
Like healing oil
Poured over 
A soul searching
It joins 
That which is divided 
And finds the
One Fumbling 
In the dark
Those alone moments 
When all the why's 
Cannot be answered
'We have this hope an anchor 
To the soul
Firm and secure'
That we can run into...
'..and enter the inner sanctuary...'
So I don't have to carry
All the stuff of life
And when life feels
Evanescent and transient 
I know my soul is secure

Hebrews 6 v 19
We have this hope...an anchor to the soul 

South Africa July 2o21

The disparity that lives

Festers like a wound

With empty promises

That leaves hungry stomachs

In desperation

Birthing thieves

Who feel it is their right

To feed

From a deep need

Of hunger

Staring at those who have

It has brought us to our knees

Hunger and despair

Has broken what is already

A fragile and fragmented society

What do we say now, South Africa?

What do we say?

Without bringing offense

When our country bleeds

And is brought

To its knees

We cry and our hearts are broken

And some just genuinely overcome…

By pain and suffering

Others are hateful

with hearts that do not care

And more still that have an evil agenda

And others who want to destroy

Is it hopeless?

When you find yourself

Shaking from the bitter winter cold

Living in poor conditions

These words are so old

It’s easy to be swayed

By corrupt persuasion

To take what is not yours

Leaving behind

Irreparable devastation

Wreaking havoc

Like a desperate beast

What do these faces say?

What are they trying to tell us?

When young children

Join in the thievery

And some have died

Who will pay now South Africa?

Because the soil calls out

And seeks justice

Woman of Strength


A poem for women’s month. For all woman all over the world. You are strong and you can make it. You are important, counted, wanted and your story, your journey is important. Happy woman’s month. This poem has been performed by myself at book fairs, churches and competitions with my learners at school. I wrote a while back but it had to wait a few years before it came out. I love this poem very much, wrote it from a vision a had of a Zulu women walking up a road with kids and an item on her head. In many countries whether 1st world or 3rd world countries, women are often left to take care of the future generation on their own. I feel their inner strength. It takes a strong women to do this. I cannot completely identify with this but like I said I have visions and at that moment I have a sense of the person. I celebrate you! Single mothers! All women! I celebrate you!

South African word – Viva in South Africa means “Long Live”


Viva woman of South Africa, Viva!

Viva mothers and daughters of Africa, Viva!

Viva mothers and daughters of the world!


For you are like a strong arm that breaks through dry ground,

And within your hands are seeds of hope

Within you lies the future

Spiritually and physically


Within you are words waiting to be spoken

Let them be words of wisdom, peace and life

Speak life mothers

And you will find your strength


Look within and speak forth the promise of tomorrow,

Speak forth for the next generation is waiting,

Strong woman of Africa and the world!


Plant seeds of hope and life,

Be strong like an elephant

And fearless like a lioness,

And have vision like an eagle


Blessed are you who feed the future generation

Blessed are you mothers

Who work tirelessly and pray unceasingly

For your sons and daughters


Pray for your sons, mothers,

Because a nation needs good, strong fathers,


Look to the sky

For sorrow only lasts for a night, a season and soon

Your joy will come


Look within you and see your depth

See your worth.

Speak forth the promise for your tomorrow,

Declare it into existence

Strong sisters,

For you are filled with purpose and passion

You smile at adversity

Because you are filled with destiny

And called for such a time as this…


Step forward and be bold like Esther,

Walk where no other woman has walked before,

Don’t be afraid to be different

Embrace your uniqueness,


For He knit you in your mother’s womb

And He alone knows your destiny and future

You do not walk alone

Hold your head up and don’t look down

For one day you will receive your crown


Wathinta bafazi, Wathinta ‘mbokodo

You strike a woman, you strike a rock



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