Hi fellow friends and bloggers – God inspired poem – resurfaced after 7 years.

I need to explain the next piece I’m posting. I sometimes write from visions and the story behind this poem is as follows:

I had a vision of a man hitting a woman in a car while we were driving from church about 7 years ago. It was as clear as day, he hit her while driving and she turned into a piece of unwanted paper. The door flew open and she was thrown out like a piece of paper and landed on a pile of leaves. The paper was noticed by a gardener that was clearing his front yard. He looked at it and picked it up because he was planning to burn up the dead leaves. He took the paper smoothed it out and began to tell her story. She was saved and He placed her inside a frame, this symbolized His protection over her now. She was placed on the wall for all to see what He had done for her.

Two years later I still had not shared this poem with anyone. Then my mom invited me to one of her ladies meetings and I felt strongly to share this poem, so I asked if I could. It turned out that the guest speaker was going to share her story of physical abuse and the theme of the meeting was an outreach to broken woman. While I read the poem, I saw tears running down the faces of some of the woman.

The poem has been asleep for about 5 years now but today I feel the need to surface it again. Perhaps it will be applicable to someone and touch someone’s heart. You are not alone. Reach out! Before it’s too late!


Car swaying

Tyres screeching

Voice screaming




One hand on the wheel

The other a weapon


On her

Blow after blow

Vicious breaking words biting to the core

Pushing her towards the door

Malicious vindictive raw words

Spitting from his mouth like a viper

She could not take another word from this hater

She shrivelled up like a scrunched up wasted piece of paper

He pushed her and shoved her out of the moving car

Like an unwanted piece of paper

Thrown out of a window


There was a gardener raking up dead leaves

And was about to set the pile of leaves alight

Noticed the torn, scrunched up paper

He picked it up and read the words
I am nothing, I am no one, I am broken

I am bruised, I am hurting, and I am lonely…

He spoke over the words,

He smoothed out the wrinkles

He placed a frame around her…

He set her up on a wall

For all to see and hear

She said…I am worth it, I am someone, I am whole

I am healed, I am joyful, and I am not alone…

I am rescued





The stoep

The stoep (verandah/terrace)

On the stoep
I sit
I sip
I think
I ponder
And I wonder why?
With thoughts afloat
In my head

Sometimes we are misled

On the stoep
I sit
And sit
And listen
To the whispers of the birds
In the trees
And the rustle
In the leaves
I think
I sit
And I wonder

Why do people put so much in what will mean so little?

LOL Car license renewal WOOO SHEM

Woo Shem South African colloquialism means Oh Shame. Made famous by Somizi Mhlongo (TV personality)
Eish = expression, used to express surprise, annoyance and pain.
Yoh = expression of surprise or joy

Arrive at 08h00

Go to the front desk

Get a form and ask for a pen

Mmm sorry I dun’t hav…

And then

Shall I write with my finger

Woooo Shem

Luckily for me I’m a teacher

Well stocked,

Then get rudely chased out

Like a naughty feline

And make a beeline for…

YOH!  another queue

That just goes on and on

Wooo Shem

Lady appears with pink dress

High heels from here to Table mountain

Yoh astounding!

I’m doubting she’ll last

Woooo Shem

Old lady arrives in her car

Young guy shouts at her to help

You must just go there!

Heh…moenie so met my praat nie(don’t talk to me like that)

Young guy responds….

Haibo wena engizama ukukusiza, yassus!

(hey I’m trying to help you)

Stand in queue for 2 hours

Need a lot of will power

Feet get sore

Department organizations are so poor

Woooo Shem

Clever individual says she’ll be back

She asked, Please can you keep my space?

All dressed up in her lace dress

Pitches up 30min later

I’m not here to cater

To your needs, such a faker

Wooo Shem

Standing in the queue

One can’t even view

the front door

Listening to South Africans complain

Eish, eish seriously but why!

Torture for the mind

What are you trying to gain?

Let’s come back tomorrow says one

Yoh my friend


It will be the same

Woooo Shem

Finally I’m in and the noise makes my ears ring

Old woman saying that’s terrible

Ek voel so nar (I feel so sick)

Passop hierdie stool is gevaarlik(this chair is dangerous)

Wooo Shem

Another old man says

Ek dink daardie vrou is op pensioen (I think that woman is on pension)

Dis hoekom(that’s why) she’s taking so long Lol

Older folk just complain and complain

About everything

Woooo Shem

Some folks feel like they entitled

Yet in this country

We supposed to be united

Wooo Shem

If I have to hear one more time

About that blinking chair

I Feel like standing up and saying

We know it’s broken, lady!

This ain’t the Hilton Hotel

For goodness sake

Stop announcing it

We know it!

So shut it!

Woooo Shem.

OK so I sat down on another broken chair

Eish ya what can I say

So far 3 and a half hours

Of Waiting

Of Sitting

Of tolerating

Close minded people

So Im blogging…

Thank goodness I’m almost there….

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Through the scars

its through the scars that i shine

you ridicule me
mock me
kick me
hate me

but remember this
every time you mock me
ridicule me you refine me
you try and take what is mine
and try to climb
you keep trying to push me under
but He will lift me up
you keep trying to trample me
but He will protect me
and expose you
not in my strength
but in His
i will fulfil my call
you are refining my character
into Gold
therefore i will Hold
onto His promises
and never let go

you despise me
can’t stand to be near me
for too long
for u cannot even explain your hate
because you are not even aware
that’s it’s there
oblivious about your actions
it’s obvious
you are blind

don’t you know that life is not  streamlined

but i am designed

to be refined

you are guided by your own foolishness

while i will continue to be blessed

and refined

despite these tests

i continue on my quest

even though i know that no matter how much i try

i will never measure up

not in the skin I’m in
but blessed be His name
for one day i will lay claim
to my mansion
on His hill

i release you all, i forgive you all

and i will never fall

i will be strong unto the call

its through the scars that i shine

you ridicule me

mock me

kick me

bruise me

scar me

but you refine

you refine


and through these scars


1 Peter 15
But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

Hebrews 10 v 23
Let us seize and hold tightly the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is reliable and trustworthy and faithful [to His word];

The illusion of time

We live in time and space

Where we are controlled by the thoughts of now

An unfortunate illusion of permanence

Yet we all have an end

That’s imminent

And somehow forget that today

Affects the morrow

Make wise choices today

To reduce the sorrow

So do what is right

Pray in the night

So that your destiny may be bright

Whether still under time

Or in Heaven divine


Words like caterpillars grow

Words like caterpillars grow

Too cocoon themselves for a while

To later burst forth into a poem

And like a butterfly

Sets flight

Inside my soul

It wells up

Stirs up

Feelings and thoughts

I can’t control

Of depth

Of Spirit

Burning in my soul

I quickly grab a pencil

To let it flow

From the depth of spirit and soul

Up the steps to my mind

Words released through my finger tips


To wash over you

Over me

To be free

Like the butterflies

They give flight to all that binds

To all the things that have confined.



Warrior Poet (Christian rap genre)

Message: You’ve got to be bold, strong and never let anyone sit on your head. No matter who it is. Be respectful but learn to stand up. God has a miracle waiting for you. All you need is a little faith to turn your five loaves and 2 fish into much much more. (biblical miracle John 6/Mark 6)


Get back up
Get back up
Dust yourself off
Yes, He’s gonna care
When you get there
5 loaves 2 fish
Miracle for ya dish
He can do it
Let him prove it
All it takes
Is a little faith
To elevate

But Sometimes
Faced with darkness against ya
People pushing ya
Trying to crush ya
They want to see ya
Down trodden
Heart broken

But let me tell ya
Who my daddy is
You see
He was crushed
He was bruised
He was slain
So I WILL claim
That promise

You belong under His feet
And I will defeat
You… the enemy of my soul!
You have tried to sit on that throne
Let me tell you something you already know
Jesus came, he died and rose again
Somebody dun told ya wrong
If ya think you can comb
And walk all up in this home

He told you its over
He took the keys
He done told ya
Go one get outta here
Do ya hear
But there you go again
You have no authority and claim
To this soul
I know your game… Your aim
I don’t need to worry cause the flame
Is your destiny
You’re my enemy
So go on
Get out of here
Cause I gots my ticket free
It’s been bought woop woop!!
I got my warranty
I’m blood washed
burning hot like hot coal
I am whole
In case you missed it
Here I go again

The son came to give me life
Get out outta here
With all ya strife
Yas I said it twice
So come on at me
Warrior here… she’s free
I can’t be more precise
Your ancient head is bruised
You have been crushed
It’s finished
You’re diminished
This warrior… is free
No fear

Ephesians 6
In this mix
I will stand my ground
I ain’t messing around
This Warrior woop! free
Ephesians 6 : 13
He made me a queen
A warrior. Woop!
He holds me near
Got my spear
A warrior. WOOP! WOOP!

On my way Yeah!


A moment of realization…


Patience is the key

To winning

Your battle

A fool moves in haste

And his enemy devours him

But a man full of wisdom

Waits for God’s perfect timing

Gideon had to wait and listen

He become a great warrior

Through faith

Through patience

Do the same…

Victory you will gain.



Simple joys…

Sometimes just the simple things

Make your heart sing

Just the giggle of a loved one

And a stroll with your cat

It’s a plain fact

That it doesn’t take much to be happy

So appreciate what you have

Because time changes everything

Even though never noticed

These simple things will become

Your gold

When you grow old

Precious memories

Will become your treasures

So stop rushing about

And enjoy the blue sky and the blessing of the shade of your trees… IMG_20171228_115019.jpg


A sobering experience on Christmas Eve

On the way to church on Christmas Eve the skies were somewhat strange and so I took a couple of pictures. When showing my son the pics we noticed the face/faces in the pics. He kept saying its angels watching over us. Whether this was a camera and just lighting or lightning effect, I don’t know but after church on the way home a car jumped the traffic lights and we almost had a head on collision. My husband swerved out of the way to prevent it but we smacked right into the back of that vehicle. We were headed for a ditch but somehow the car felt like it was under the control of something else it turned and suddenly stopped on the side of the road. The impact caused us to head in that direction. It was a sobering experience. The car that jumped the traffic lights sped off because they were obviously drunk and didn’t want to get caught.

When you are rushing home and all that’s on your mind was trifle pudding and roast lamb, you suddenly wake up and just start appreciating the fact that you are all alive and safe.

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