Hi fellow friends and bloggers – God inspired poem – resurfaced after 7 years.

I need to explain the next piece I’m posting. I sometimes write from visions and the story behind this poem is as follows:

I had a vision of a man hitting a woman in a car while we were driving from church about 7 years ago. It was as clear as day, he hit her while driving and she turned into a piece of unwanted paper. The door flew open and she was thrown out like a piece of paper and landed on a pile of leaves. The paper was noticed by a gardener that was clearing his front yard. He looked at it and picked it up because he was planning to burn up the dead leaves. He took the paper smoothed it out and began to tell her story. She was saved and He placed her inside a frame, this symbolized His protection over her now. She was placed on the wall for all to see what He had done for her.

Two years later I still had not shared this poem with anyone. Then my mom invited me to one of her ladies meetings and I felt strongly to share this poem, so I asked if I could. It turned out that the guest speaker was going to share her story of physical abuse and the theme of the meeting was an outreach to broken woman. While I read the poem, I saw tears running down the faces of some of the woman.

The poem has been asleep for about 5 years now but today I feel the need to surface it again. Perhaps it will be applicable to someone and touch someone’s heart. You are not alone. Reach out! Before it’s too late!


Car swaying

Tyres screeching

Voice screaming




One hand on the wheel

The other a weapon


On her

Blow after blow

Vicious breaking words biting to the core

Pushing her towards the door

Malicious vindictive raw words

Spitting from his mouth like a viper

She could not take another word from this hater

She shrivelled up like a scrunched up wasted piece of paper

He pushed her and shoved her out of the moving car

Like an unwanted piece of paper

Thrown out of a window


There was a gardener raking up dead leaves

And was about to set the pile of leaves alight

Noticed the torn, scrunched up paper

He picked it up and read the words
I am nothing, I am no one, I am broken

I am bruised, I am hurting, and I am lonely…

He spoke over the words,

He smoothed out the wrinkles

He placed a frame around her…

He set her up on a wall

For all to see and hear

She said…I am worth it, I am someone, I am whole

I am healed, I am joyful, and I am not alone…

I am rescued





Author: lovablewarriorking

Author of Chasing Joy(Published in 2019). Educator Christian Love Poetry Deep in thought most of the time.

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