No Time Left – RIP Philani Thusi

Sometimes I am given a vision, a thought or words for someone who has passed…this will be the 4th poem of this kind. I have not published the others on my site. Whether I was close or not…the words or vision comes without any effort from me. These are the words I felt…for Philani Thusi an ex learner. A young person who took his own life this past week.

No time left…

When you looked at me

You didn’t see the pain

That broke me

That swallowed me whole

It took my soul

So much brokenness

I spiraled down

Left with no confidence


How much I wanted to be accepted by you

A million likes and reviews

A guess you didn’t know the depth

The depth of how far down it went

It’s too late

I’ve walked through the gate

Signed in

Checked in

No second chance to return

To let you know the depth of

My yearn….ING


For freedom

Of all the pain

That no one knew I was suffering

I’m gone now


But please

Don’t doubt His existence

He loves me…

His persistence

He chased my soul

I’m gone now

I’m made whole

He is the ultimate judge


Life is not forever

I’m gone

Make your life count

I’m out…

Written for Philani Thusi… From Heritage Academy, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa


When you hear about so much pain, people who have lost loved ones, I cannot imagine or fathom the depth of brokenness and the feeling of loss. Do not runaway from God. He is Jehovah Nacham, The Lord your comforter. Psalm 56 v 8.Picture for sanity poem 2Picture for Sanity Poem


Where is sanity

Buffeted by wind and waves

Not in control

Feeling alone

Feeling overwhelmed

Wondering why

Yet you are in my mind, my soul

My stability

My sanity and peace

When things just don’t make sense

And this world…

When will it embrace you

Tossed about

But afloat…



You are my sanity

My number one remedy

It’s you who died for me

And I’m set free

Through all the pain

I know I will gain




When I was broken into pieces on the floor

I heard you calling to me knocking at my door

You mended




You see…and


I am forever



Praise – full

In this mouth

I will never doubt

Because Jesus

My sanity


Paid a hard price for me


No turning back brother, sister

Mother, father

No use looking

There is no other

Stop wasting time

Living in your grime

There is no other Divine


Complete love

That goes beyond and above


No one is given more than one life

Why you want keep living in your strife

Make Him your remedy

He is waiting


Your return

Stop deliberating!

Stop looking the other way

No other day like today


Don’t worry and don’t be afraid

He has already paid the price

No need to be dismayed

You can start debt free in His grace

All you got to do is to start the race


Jesus my sanity

Make Him your number one remedy.



Woman of Strength


A poem for women’s month. For all woman all over the world. You are strong and you can make it. You are important, counted, wanted and your story, your journey is important. Happy woman’s month. This poem has been performed by myself at book fairs, churches and competitions with my learners at school. I wrote a while back but it had to wait a few years before it came out. I love this poem very much, wrote it from a vision a had of a Zulu women walking up a road with kids and an item on her head. In many countries whether 1st world or 3rd world countries, women are often left to take care of the future generation on their own. I feel their inner strength. It takes a strong women to do this. I cannot completely identify with this but like I said I have visions and at that moment I have a sense of the person. I celebrate you! Single mothers! All women! I celebrate you!

South African word – Viva in South Africa means “Long Live”


Viva woman of South Africa, Viva!

Viva mothers and daughters of Africa, Viva!

Viva mothers and daughters of the world!


For you are like a strong arm that breaks through dry ground,

And within your hands are seeds of hope

Within you lies the future

Spiritually and physically


Within you are words waiting to be spoken

Let them be words of wisdom, peace and life

Speak life mothers

And you will find your strength


Look within and speak forth the promise of tomorrow,

Speak forth for the next generation is waiting,

Strong woman of Africa and the world!


Plant seeds of hope and life,

Be strong like an elephant

And fearless like a lioness,

And have vision like an eagle


Blessed are you who feed the future generation

Blessed are you mothers

Who work tirelessly and pray unceasingly

For your sons and daughters


Pray for your sons, mothers,

Because a nation needs good, strong fathers,


Look to the sky

For sorrow only lasts for a night, a season and soon

Your joy will come


Look within you and see your depth

See your worth.

Speak forth the promise for your tomorrow,

Declare it into existence

Strong sisters,

For you are filled with purpose and passion

You smile at adversity

Because you are filled with destiny

And called for such a time as this…


Step forward and be bold like Esther,

Walk where no other woman has walked before,

Don’t be afraid to be different

Embrace your uniqueness,


For He knit you in your mother’s womb

And He alone knows your destiny and future

You do not walk alone

Hold your head up and don’t look down

For one day you will receive your crown


Wathinta bafazi, Wathinta ‘mbokodo

You strike a woman, you strike a rock



Insta – Choose this day whom you will serve…

access blur close up colorful
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It’s like everybody

Wanna be a king

And somehow

Forgetting who is the King

It’s like everybody wanna be famous

Seeking out all that they think life

Will gain them

Looks like everybody

Wanna be on insta

Be more famous than a well known gangsta

Build up a following

To fill up the longing

Say it’s all about the ‘ching ching’

But it’s really all about self worshiping

Don’t be a liar

Falling deeper in the mire

What are people buying?

What are ya selling?

I hope you’re authentic

Can’t apologize for being a skeptic

I don’t need to be prophetic

With this

I’m being realistic

Are you inspiring



With all your ‘Chang Chang’ hanging out

We all know what thats about

Shoot, who ya fooling

When we all know what ya selling

And it ain’t pleasing

To Him

God most high

Are you even getting this?

I doubt you even in the loop

Can’t understand what I’m saying

Surely you’re worth more than what you’re selling

You’re much more than all of that

What are you afraid of?

What are you searching for?

Do you think fame is going to find what is lost in you?

Don’t be a fool

Are you confused?

You know he made you a jewel!

The apple of His eye!

You always have a choice!


Joshua 24 v 15

‘Choose this day whom you will serve.’



You coming at me

Just know I see


I’m tough

Not a fool

When you do

What you do

Don’t think I don’t know

Behind my smile

I know ya

Operating with guile

I ain’t worried

Cause I know

Where ta go

When the tears flo

I’m strong

I’m favoured

I’m delivered

I’m a queen

He made me

The head

Not the tail

A priest

So I’m about to preach


So you can know

You can’t touch me

You can’t crush me

I’m free

I know where ‘m going

So go on

You’re miserable

I can see

So here is my offering

To end your suffering

He said take up your cross

Count it all as loss

He will give you joy immeasurably

No more misery

Joy immeasurably




Why you saying things

That you should not be saying

Why you walking

Where you shouldn’t be walking

Why you looking

At what you shouldn’t be looking at

Why you doing

What you shouldn’t be doing

Child of God…Why you running away?

When you should run to Him

Why you so afraid

When He stands with outstretched arms, waiting

Oh wayward child!

Ruled by your own rules

Come and make right

While there is still time and hope

And He will set your path straight

“The way of a fool is right in his own eyes,

But a wise man is he who listens to counsel.”


He Gave His Life (Christian poetry)


He gave His life for you

He thought you worthy enough to die for

He suffered and died for you

He rose and bought you

He advocated for you

He is seated at the right hand of the Father

He defends you

His blood covers you

He died for your soul

So you can be made whole

He deserves your best

Let Him lead you to eternal rest

You will not find peace in anything until you let Him in

For He stands at the door and knocks

Look at the clock, it won’t stop

So Stop the worry and the doubt

You cannot try and reason this

It just is so, He loves you so

You cannot try and understand Him In your head

The one who was and is to come, the Alpha and Omega

The one who placed more than a billion stars in the skies

Open your spiritual eyes

Who are you to question Jehovah Elohim?

You have to trust and believe

In your heart

Let your heart sing a hymn

And you will never be apart from His love

Because He gave His life

To end your internal strife