Freedom to be you

It’s so important in your life journey to take some time to get to know yourself. Sometimes we lock away the colour and realize it too late. In fact some bury themselves so deep that it gets harder to find yourself. Don’t do it. Embrace all of who you are. Find out who you are and you might be surprised that there was actually no need to strive. Just right there in the midst of all you thought was important, the things you’ve been chasing suddenly have no more meaning…right there is your freedom. Just grab it. For I have learnt that timing is everything. Even when others may feel they have won over you stand firm and stand firm again and again. For it’s a good thing to come to place of knowing you. The freedom to embrace all that God has in store without the struggle to chase anything is the most freeing feeling I have ever had. The saddest place to find yourself is in a lost place where you cannot recognize who you are because you were chasing the wrong dream. Stop, think, listen…you have one life, live it.


Author: lovablewarriorking

Author of Chasing Joy(Published in 2019). Educator Christian Love Poetry Deep in thought most of the time.

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